Service Plus

July 1, 2016
Ike Chunn centers his customer-focused shop on the Golden Rule

Courtesy Service Plus Automotive Repair & Maintenance

Service Plus in Fort Worth, Texas, has only been open 14 months, but the combined service background in the automotive and trucking industries of owner Ike Chunn and general manager Arthur Goforth put the shop on the map against big name competitors. Raised on the Golden Rule, Chunn centered the business on transparency and trust.

“You make one customer mad, you lose 10,” Chunn says. “You do one customer good, you gain 10.”

1   The lobby was designed with a homey feel around customer comfort. Goforth’s wife helped design it, and picked out neutral earth tones to keep the feel relaxed. Comfy chairs and a leather couch provide seating while customers can watch television or use the shop’s free Wi-Fi to browse the Internet or get extra work done while their cars are serviced. There is a Keurig machine on the coffee counter with numerous flavor options. Underneath, snack cupboards and a cooler full of juice and soda are kept well stocked. Chunn’s philosophy: If you make the customer area as comfortable as possible, they won’t be in such a hurry to leave. Then the techs can take their time completing quality work.

2   A glass wall looking into the shop follows the transparency-centered goal, allowing customers to see their vehicles being worked on, giving them peace of mind.

3   The shop has a very local customer base; many of its regulars live within a five-mile radius. Service Plus’ checkered Cadillac CTS shuttle is available to take customers home or to work, to a local shopping center, or even to nearby Texas Motor Speedway. Its checkered-flag decal appeals to the local race culture.

4   The outdoor patio is fenced in so parents don’t need to worry about their kids running around while also providing another place to eat a bag lunch or work on a laptop.

5   A television behind the service desk displays more than just specials. Keeping the customer in mind, Service Plus alternates car care tips and facts about different car components. It gives customers an idea about what service they might need next and when to have it scheduled.

6   The shop floor was designed by Chunn to be clutter-free. Air lines are mounted overhead to keep the floor free for both a tidier appearance and technician safety. Chunn is committed to keeping the service area spotless, saying the technicians need to be just as willing to pick up a mop as they are to pick up a wrench.

7   Below in the service pit, the commitment to cleanliness continues. Catwalks add an extra storage space underneath. LED lights are arranged to illuminate the underside of a car, giving technicians better visibility. A stairway accesses the lobby so technicians can take a customer down to the pit if an unexpected issue arises or the technician finds another problem that the customer needs to see.

8   A covered delivery area provides protection from the Texas elements—rain, hail or otherwise—when customers get their cars back. It can be accessed directly from the lobby.

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