Epicor MechanicNet Cloud CRM Solution Gains New Features

Nov. 4, 2019

The new and enhanced features include a comprehensive social media scoring management application, expansion of text messaging to include appointment reminders, and more.

Nov. 4, 2019—Epicor Software Corporation, announced the latest in a series of enhancements to the Epicor MechanicNet Cloud CRM solution, a customer retention and outbound marketing solution for automotive service businesses. According to a press release, the new and enhanced features include a comprehensive social media scoring/reputation management application, expansion of text messaging to include appointment reminders, and more.

“Epicor acquired MechanicNet in June, and since that time has invested in several new features to help make it the industry’s most effective CRM solution,” said Stephen Gannon, Epicor automotive business lead. “Every general repair shop, tire dealer and other automotive service business is looking to increase bay traffic, revenue and profitability. Epicor MechanicNet Cloud CRM is built to help users achieve each of these goals.”

The solution’s new and enhanced features include:

  • Reputation management application: Each user’s online reviews are integrated into the solution’s OBD4 Business analytics dashboard to allow for easy access and a timely response.
  • Appointment reminders: The solution’s texting application has been expanded to include sending calendar appointment reminders as text messages. In addition to reminder emails, the Epicor MechanicNet Cloud CRM solution also will send a text message within two hours of a confirmed appointment.
  • Redesigned communications console: The solution’s communications console has been redesigned and expanded for ease of use. The console now includes a mobile-friendly responsive design and enables users to add or remove columns.
  • OBD4 Business dashboard: KPI data panels now include customer response by email rather than postcard, new customers by type of outbound communication, and repair ticket rankings. The KPI panel snapshot can now also be exported for use in other applications.
  • Holiday promotions: Promotional materials have been extensively updated to help ensure maximum impact and response.
  • Sales manual materials: The entire portfolio of program examples has been redesigned to help users project a progressive, highly professional look.

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