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Running a Shop

ADAPT: EV Battery Recycling Needs Innovation

May 19, 2023
Electric vehicle batteries are significantly larger than batteries in gas-powered cars, require extensive mining for materials and finding ways to recycle them needs consideration...

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How to Break the Ice

March 1, 2023
Expert tips and strategies to get the most out of conference networking events.
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Should You Hire a Coach?

Feb. 27, 2023
For many shop owners, a coach adds a higher level of accountability that you can't place on yourself. Two shop owners talk about when they hired a coach and what it did for their...
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Marconi: Why You Should Not Obsess Over Your Competition

Feb. 24, 2023
In spending too much time studying the competition, shop owners can make costly mistakes that can cause their shop to lose its identity, culture and focus.
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Shop View: Tech One Automotive

Feb. 23, 2023
Tech One Automotive, in Austin, Texas, is an 11,000-square-foot-shop (cumulative) with an interesting degree of separation from Tesla.
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Numbers: Capitalizing on Opportunity

Feb. 22, 2023
A look at DVI and its ability to help technicians highlight possible safety issues that need attention.
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Podcast: Talking Shop with Jeff Beck of Beck's Garage

Feb. 21, 2023
Jeff Beck joins Ratchet+Wrench Radio to talk shop ownership, his uniquely decorated space and his love for repairing classic American cars.
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A Commonsense Approach to Electrification

Feb. 20, 2023
Chris Salvo of Electrified Garage shares his journey into electric vehicle repair and what auto repair shop owners and automotive technicians can glean from his experiences as...
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Stokes: Breaking Down Gross Profit

Feb. 17, 2023
A quick and easy formula for taking a deep dive into your numbers to get a clearer picture of your auto repair shop's financial health.