The Ratchet+Wrench Radio Network offers three tracks each month that explore the industry's biggest trends, most pressing topics and the leadership and business management tips and strategies you need to thrive.


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Ratchet+Wrench's 2019 quarterly webinar series features the industry's foremost experts delving into auto service's hottest topics


Offering a unique, modern approach to storytelling, the Ratchet+Wrench Interview series covers the industry’s most pressing issues, progressive operational strategies and inspirational stories in one-on-one conversations with top industry professionals.


Innovate: Master Publicity

Publicity is a great way to reach customers, but not every shop owner is trained for it. Frank Leutz, owner of Desert Car Care of Chandler, and co-host Susie Wong, discuss the dos and don’ts of a press release, how to attract the media and how to prepare for a TV appearance.

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WEBINAR: Industry Outlook

Greg Buckley, owner of Buckley's Auto Care, shares the industry outlook for 2020 and the trends shop owners should be paying attention to and preparing for, including advanced vehicles and the tech shortage. 

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Innovate: How to Navigate the Tech Shortage

In his inaugural podcast with Ratchet+Wrench, Frank Leutz, owner of Desert Car Care of Chandler, and co-host Susie Wong, tackle the tech shortage and discuss the techniques that have worked for them as well as areas that they’ve struggled with. 

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R+W Interview Series: Jonathan Ortiz

Jonathan Ortiz, Ratchet+Wrench's newest online columnist and owner of Foreign Affairs Auto, shares his background and what readers can expect from his monthly column, including a look at the dynamics of a family-run business.

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How I Did It: The Customer Focus

In this week's episode of Ratchet+Wrench Radio, Junior Word, president of Carquest North America discusses how he's been able to keep a focus on the customer throughout his time with the company and what he hopes to bring to his new position.

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Grow: Stress Management 101

With SEMA and AAPEX week upon us, Ratchet+Wrench decided to focus on how to manage stress with a busy schedule. In this week's episode, we talk with trainer, speaker, and coach, Joe Robinson, who works for companies all over the world focusing on stress management and work-life balance.

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How I Did It: Modernize My Shop

Greg Buckley's Delaware shop is an example of a modern shop that's continually invested in new technology. In this podcast, Buckley explains just how he's modernized his shop and how other shop owners can, too.

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Grow: Leveraging Mobile Repair

Bridgette Tuquero of YourMechanic, a web-based platform that connects technicians and customers, discusses the benefits of mobile repair and what auto repair shop owners can learn from its business model and how to leverage mobile repair to grow their businesses. 

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