The Ratchet+Wrench Radio Network offers three tracks each month that explore the industry's biggest trends, most pressing topics and the leadership and business management tips and strategies you need to thrive.


Ratchet+Wrench's 2018 quarterly webinar series will feature the industry's foremost experts delving into auto service's hottest topics


Lead: Following the Cash Flow

As Aaron Stokes says, cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Properly managing the cash in your shop and building a reserve is key to giving your operations some room for error.
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Innovate: Transforming Your Company's Culture

Owner Bud Wildman shares how a simple meeting with ATI convinced him to heavily invest in improving the company culture at his shop. For Wildman, this process involved changing or removing negative energy in his shop, while infusing it with new employees who have a consistent positive attitude.
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Grow: Setting Up a Training Program

As your shop grows, it’s vital to implement a structured training program for your entire staff. On this month’s Grow podcast, Rissy Sutherland discusses how to effectively set this program up with Chris Chesney and Brad Pellman.

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Inside VISION's Hi-Tech Training & Expo

This week’s Ratchet+Wrench Radio podcast features four different management training course instructors from VISION this past week in Kansas City. Each presenter discusses takeaways from their classes and what their favorite parts of the conference are.

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Innovate: Grow Your Own Technicians

Frank Leutz, president of Desert Car Care in Chandler, Ariz., joins Ratchet+Wrench Radio to discuss the importance of growing your own talent through an apprenticeship program, and how you can successfully attract young talent to your shop.
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Innovate: The Importance of 20 Groups

Craig Noel, owner of Springfield, Ore.-based Sun Automotive, and member of Elite Pro Service for almost 8 years, discusses the importance of 20 Groups and how they helped him become a stronger owner and leader.
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