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How to Move Forward from Tough Times

In this second installment of a two-part story, Dwayne Myers shares how the Dynamic Automotive team fought back against—and ultimately overcame—the financial burdens that brought the shop to near-disaster.  

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Rebounding from Near-Disaster

In the first installment of a two-part story, Dwayne Myers explains how Dynamic Automotive encountered hurdle after hurdle as the shop attempted to grow too quickly and some lessons learned as the team tried to right the ship.
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Can You Handle Growth?

Greg Bunch, owner of five Aspen Auto Clinic shops, breaks down how he's been able to push past his own burnout to grow, eventually creating the job he's always dreamed of.
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How Discount Coupons May Destroy Your Business

Thinking of promoting your business with discounts and coupons? Take Frank Leutz's advice from personal experience: don't.

In this episode, Leutz and co-host Susie Sockets discuss when discount coupons go completely wrong and how they could negatively impact your business.

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RW All-Star Awards: Wild Card

Successful shop owners Leigh Anne Best and Laura Frank established Brakes for Breasts in 2011 and are about to hit the million dollar mark for funds for Breast Cancer research.

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RW All Star Awards: Manager

Phil Christensen, president of BG Automotive, shares how he found out he won the Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Awards for manager and how he met his longtime friend and co-leader, Bryan Gossel. 

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RW All-Star Awards: Admin

Known as the behind-the-scenes helper that takes on any challenge that comes her way, Susan Boone took the prize for this year's All-Star Awards in the administrative support category. To Craftsman Auto Care, she was an integral part of getting through the COVID-19 pandemic lows.

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RW All-Star Awards: Shop Worker

Becky Merlini, service advisor of Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley, Calif., was named this year's Best Shop Worker for a reason. While she came to work for owner Bill Adams with no automotive experience whatsoever, her ability to form trust and intimacy with customers made her stand out.

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Grow: How to Identify Team Players

Lindsay Whalen, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time WNBA champion, talks about some of the leadership principles she now utilizes as a college basketball coach at the University of Minnesota. Many of her strategies, such as identifying great assistants, offer relevant tips for those that operate auto repair facilities.

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