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Tax Updates From a Pro

From the latest round of PPP to employee retention credits, CPA Eric Joern with James Hamlin & Co. breaks down the latest legislative updates impacting 2020 tax filings.
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How to Move Forward from Tough Times

In this second installment of a two-part story, Dwayne Myers shares how the Dynamic Automotive team fought back against—and ultimately overcame—the financial burdens that brought the shop to near-disaster.  

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Rebounding from Near-Disaster

In the first installment of a two-part story, Dwayne Myers explains how Dynamic Automotive encountered hurdle after hurdle as the shop attempted to grow too quickly and some lessons learned as the team tried to right the ship.
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Can You Handle Growth?

Greg Bunch, owner of five Aspen Auto Clinic shops, breaks down how he's been able to push past his own burnout to grow, eventually creating the job he's always dreamed of.
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How Discount Coupons May Destroy Your Business

Thinking of promoting your business with discounts and coupons? Take Frank Leutz's advice from personal experience: don't.

In this episode, Leutz and co-host Susie Sockets discuss when discount coupons go completely wrong and how they could negatively impact your business.

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