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From the Editors: Overcoming Turnover

In this month's episode of From the Editors, editorial director Anna Zeck combs through the magazines' archives to find the best tips for how to overcome turnover on your team and bounce back stronger than ever. Learn more about the value of exit interviews, how to think strategically about your team, and why you need to consider your own role before starting the hiring process.


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Grow: Getting Outside Help

The goal for owners Eric and Allison Smith of Cannon's Automotive Service? Keep getting better and better when it comes to leadership, marketing, and overall processes. And after taking over Allison's father's business, they joined Elite Pro Service to get an extra helping hand in the mix.

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Listen: This Week's Top News Stories

In this week's news round-up, we discuss the growing concerns of the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Ford and Honda's 30-day social media cleanse, and how auto sales are predicted to make a rebound.

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Life Vest

How I Did It: Kept My Business Alive

Being in New York, columnist Joe Marconi was in the midst of one of the hardest hit areas by the pandemic. In this podcast, he shares difficult decisions he had to make over the past few months, as well as words of advice. 

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