How to Lead


The 4 Tenets of a Great Leader

Patrick Leddin, a professor for the managerial studies program at Vanderbilt and a senior consultant for FranklinCovey, bases his seminars and classes around four main tenets of what makes for a great leader. Here's a brief breakdown.
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Answering the Angry Customer

We need to be prepared for the situations we deal with each day in the shop, writes Aaron Stokes. We need to understand what we will face and what our staff will face, and have specific strategies to deal with those scenarios, instead of letting those situations drain morale.
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Leadership Boot Camp

The two leadership experts in this article have mapped out a program that, from beginning to end, provides a blueprint for anyone looking to become a more effective leader. In fact, Ratchet+Wrench can back it up with data culled from the 2018 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey.
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How to Lead an Effective Meeting

As the owner of C&H Foreign Auto Repair, Scott Cushman has made morning meetings an important component of motivating his staff and driving improved KPIs over the past three years. A bad meeting, however, can derail everything. Here is your guide to hosting an effective meeting.
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Brand Building

None of us can succeed pretending to be something we’re not, and understanding who we are—strengths, talents, weaknesses and growth opportunities alike—is the first step in achieving our goals.
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