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Research Highlights Benefits of Clean Diesel Technology

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August 2, 2013—New fuel-efficient, heavy-duty diesel trucks saved 13.3 million barrels of gasoline in California and 560 million gallons nationwide from 2010-2012, according to new research presented Wednesday by the Diesel Technology Forum to the California Energy Commission.

“As California policymakers evaluate future transportation fuels and technologies, this new research underscores the key role for clean diesel technology in saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions in both passenger cars and heavy duty applications,” said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

The research said the increasing market acceptance of the advanced clean diesel technology will continue to play a major role in helping California achieve future fuel-savings and climate objectives.

“The importance of diesel technology to meeting California’s climate and clean air goals is made possible by the inherent and proven energy efficiency of diesel, the transformation to clean diesel fuel and engine technology, and the significant penetration of diesel in key sectors of California’s economy,” Schaeffer said.

Since 2000, heavy duty diesel trucks have been transformed to a near zero emissions state, with over 98 percent reductions in emissions of particulate matter (2007) and, beginning in 2010, near-zero emissions of nitrogen oxides. California has the third highest registration (20 percent) of the new generation (2007 and later) clean diesel commercial trucks.

Schaeffer discussed the findings to the California Energy Commission during the Joint Lead Commissioner Workshop on Transportation Energy Scenarios to discuss potential growth projections for alternative transportation fuels, vehicles and infrastructure, and factors related to growth.

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