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At Ratchet+Wrench, we write a lot about systems, processes, practices, procedures, metrics—any and all details that go into operating a business. The vast majority of what we write deals with the how; really, that’s what this magazine is all about.  

But that’s also what makes this month’s cover story ("Community Focused") one of my favorite recurring features we do each year. I’ve had the pleasure of writing a handful of them in the past, and Associate Editor Travis Bean did a great job with this month’s story. What makes this feature so different? It’s not as much about the “how” (I mean, there’s plenty of “how-to” elements in there; we can’t help ourselves), but rather, it focuses on the “why”; it’s about finding purpose in your work—and doing everything you can do, day in and day out, to carry out that purpose.

None of you got into business simply to fix a car; no different than I didn’t become a journalist just to throw words on a page. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives, having a positive impact on the people you serve. Really, it’s about serving. As the three shops in the story show, that service extends far beyond what happens in their bays. 

Every day, we all have an opportunity—a responsibility, even—to make an impact. And when you’re caught up in the stress of  carrying out the “how,” take a deep breath. Remember why you’re here.

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