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The Importance of Responding to Positive Reviews

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Taking a look at the Google reviews for Ken’s Automotive & Transmission, in Frederick, Md., it is apparent that the staff care about their customers. How is the strong relationship between customer and shop so obvious? Donna Mead, shop owner, thoughtfully responds to every single review the shop receives—good, bad, and ugly.

Mead’s shop receives a lot more positive reviews than negative, and although she stresses the importance of thoughtfully and carefully responding to the negative ones, she says that responding to each positive review is just as important.   

“I think you should respond to all reviews, on all forms of social media,” says Mead.

She says that every response shows those looking at the reviews that the staff of the shop are watching, keeping an eye on things and truly care. Responses on all reviews prove that the business cares just as much about the happy customers as the unhappy ones, she says.

Since Mead says that a lot of the time, positive reviews will come from customers she has gotten to know pretty well, she will respond with a personal touch. She’ll begin the response with, “Hey, it was great to see you this time,” Mead will then mention a tidbit that come up in a previous conversation, and then tell them she will see them next time.   

“[The responses] show that we have a personal relationship with our customers,” says Mead.

Look forward to Mead’s tips on turning a negative customer review into a positive experience in the August issue of Ratchet+Wrench.

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