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You Can’t Track What You Don’t Measure

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Over eight years ago, Bryan Gossel had a website that his buddy—a graphic designer—-did for his shop, BG Automotive in Fort Collins, Colo. Although it worked adequately, it wasn’t geared toward the automotive world. It also didn’t provide him with any measurable data that he could use to break down his marketing efforts. When a salesperson from KUKUI came to his shop, Gossel decided to make the switch.

“The simplicity of KUKUI's platform is amazing,” Gossel says. “I’m able to look at it and within a few minutes, you have a good idea of what’s working and what’s not.” 

From launching a website to analyzing results, KUKUI takes its customers through the entire process. The all-in-one platform designs a customized website to fit a shop’s needs and then monitors the data through its dashboard. With this data, users can figure out where customers are coming from and because of this, where marketing dollars are best spent. 


The Benefits of Working with KUKUI 

“When we started [with KUKUI] I had a few employees,” Gossel says. “I now have 11 and we’ve expanded the shop a few times. We’ve had a lot of growth and we’re continuing to grow. They’re growing with us.” 

KUKUI provides data that helps shops figure out where customers come from and the best areas to invest in marketing. Users can see how many customers came in through direct mail, AdWords, organic searches, Yelp or other platforms. KUKUI also tracks phone call and email capture rates. If a phone call is missed during business hours, Gossel can bring that up with his staff and figure out what the problem was or why the front desk is missing opportunities to get contact information, such as email.

Another plus, on top of creating a website, is that KUKUI will help shop owners with any of their online needs. For example, Gossel wanted to start a blog, but knew he wasn’t going to be great at it, so KUKUI hooked him up with a company that it works with that works on blogs that could help get him started. 

KUKUI's pricing includes the full use of the platform, including websites and AdWords management, marketing analytics and a customer retention program. 


Gaining a Competitive Edge 

“We have weekly one-on-one meetings with our sales staff and then a weekly team meeting and we share the results [from KUKUI],” Gossel says. 

During that time, the staff can go over what went wrong and how they can improve based on the information that is provided.  

“I feel like since we’ve started [with KUKUI], our customer service and answering phone calls is better,” Gossel says. “The proof is in the pudding. It pays to be able to show your staff that they’re actually improving.”

Gossel believes that most in the industry are competitive by nature, so features like KUKUI ribbons that show where his shop rank in comparison to other KUKUI shops in the area have been a huge motivator for his staff. 


Breaking Down the Data 

Through pay-per-click marketing, KUKUI tracks the amount of customers that are clicking on a specific ad and then tracks how many of those are being converted into customers.

Because of the data collected by KUKUI, Gossel was able to see that Yelp was the No. 1 source for bringing in his customers. Because of this, he increased the amount he spent on marketing with Yelp. Whenever a potential customer goes to Yelp and clicks on BG Automotive’s site, Gossel pays for that click. However, with the huge pull that Yelp has with his customer base, it’s worth it. Gossel says that Yelp has brought in customers that generate $30,000 per month. Gossel says that he also does pay per click with Google AdWords. Gossel spends $500 per month on this and he estimates he sees a return of $15,000–$20,000. 

On the flip side, for two months, BG Automotive ran ads with Bing. After analyzing the data and seeing poor results, the shop decided to stop doing them. This information has helped break down where Gossel should and shouldn’t invest his marketing dollars.   


If you would like to find out more about KUKUI visit or call (877) 695-6008.  

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