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Putting Respect to the Name

July 15, 2024
Carm Capriotto discusses his recent declaration, ‘The Rise of the Mechanical and Technology Specialist,’ and the vision he has to promote professionalism in the repair industry...

Bennett: The Four Key Elements to Emotional Intelligence and a High-Performing Shop 

July 12, 2024
There is a difference between IQ and EQ. One makes you a smart leader, the other makes you a complete leader.
damkaz/E+ via Getty Images

Numbers: Cash is (Still) King

July 11, 2024
A look at annual revenue as reported by auto repair shop owners in the 2024 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey

Podcast: Successfully Managing Conflict in Auto Repair Shops

July 10, 2024
When conflicts arise amongst team members, these are the ways a shop owner can help restore peace within the shop.